Monday, May 25, 2009

To our Service Personel, past and present....


If not for you and your sacrifices, people like me wouldn't be able to say the things we want to say, live where we want to live and think thoughts that are unencumbered by someone else's political ideologies.

So thank you again and not just today, but for every day that you and your fellows have given to our country.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tables, Fumes and Galaxies GALORE!

WOW! Has it been a while since I posted last. Sorry about that but time and the work of being unemployed has kept me away from the computer. My Lady, Amber, and I have about 90% of our stuff moved from our Bay Area mobile home to our new digs in Redding CA. Hopefully, we even have a buyer lined up for the mobile and we'll be up here permanetly in another few weeks.

In the meantime, we've been working on trying to get the new house tweeked for our comfort level and that has included the building of 3 custom computer tables. I have to admit, it's been a while since I pulled out my power tools but out they came and I'm pretty proud of the results. I'll post pics of them in place once they are dry and moved into place.

Nights have been spent either passed out in bed or sitting out in the back yard hunting galaxies in the Virgo Cluster or searching for Globular Clusters. I've gotten some good views of the Sombrero Galaxy and the Bee Hive Cluster as well as several others. I'm really looking forward to the Summer sky and trying my hand at capturing the Ring Nebula in my astrocam.